MEAT Clown

Ladies and gentlemen. is proud to present to you, a grand a noble audience, MEAT Clown! Wanna participate in the fun? Live in the L.A. area and/or are willing to travel? Get in touch with us at or call our hotline at 213-537-UGLY(8459) and let us know why YOU would be a good candidate! Enjoy!

Check out this wonderful MEAT Clown jingle done by the fine musicians of Children of Young!

And don’t forget! For your free MEAT CLown button, send us an email at with your address and we’ll get one to you lickety split!



6 Responses to MEAT Clown

  1. buy stocks says:

    This made me snigger for a long time.

  2. My older sister IS this person! Seriously.

  3. Byron Rush says:

    I watched about 30 meat clown commercials in a row yesterday.

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