O.S. D’vil Presents: Eclectic Egress 2 @ Anejo Duddery

So, it appears that MEAT Clown Industry Reps will be perfoming a taping of MEAT Clown Value Network live from Anejo Duddery as part of our good pal O.S. D’Vil’s Eclectic Egress Festival. Pretty cool, huh? So even if you can’t make it out to the Los Angeles area in time, you can catch all the fantastic deals on MEAT Clown Approved By-Products! Where? Why, BlogTV, of course! Seriously. MEAT Clown Value Network. To quote our marketing drone:
“MEAT Clown Value Network is a new “art form” to us. You see, normally we have the joy of editing a performance before it’s seen by MEAT lovers all over the world in commercial form. We will have very little control on MEAT Clown Value Network. And if anyone has ever seen raw MEAT Clown footage, they know that it can get strange VERY quickly whilst in Clown Costumes Selling MEAT and Non-MEAT Approved By-Products. Especially in a tiny space with brutal heavy metal playing mere feet away. This is going to be exciting! Tune in on BlogTV or come join us and help us sell Products!”
O.S. D’vill Presents Eclectic Egress Fest
November 30th, Friday, 2012
Anejo Duddery
1832 West Sunset Blvd
Crude Dance
Kool Skull
Melted Cassettes
O.S. D’vill
Syphilis Sauna
MEAT Clowns
shooting MCVN
and including YOU
in the action!

That about sums it up. This show is going to be amazing. Please enjoy!
Here are links to things:
The Event Page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/125377580953503/#!/events/125377580953503/?fref=ts
Our BlogTV Channel: http://www.blogtv.com/people/MEAtClown
TheStrangerStore: http://thestrangerstore.bigcartel.com/
Some examples of MEAT Clown Value Network Live: http://www.blogtv.com/shows/2804030/ZmPHb2_uZ1FtZeVxZ2Nx&pos=ancr
Here’s an audio commercial by CHris Hadley and John From The @ChickNDick Podcast!


About MEAT Clown Industries

MEAT Clown Brand Quality Discount MEAT Based MEAT Product Solutions is the #1 Wholesale Provider of Dicount Quality MEAT and MEAT-like MEAT Products! E-Mail: MEATClownButtons@hotmail.com Instagrams: @MEATClown Facebook: Talk to Matt Crown
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