This week in MEAT Clown

This week we have a lot to talk about. First off, we’d like to give a special thanks to Byron Rush IV (Moderator for & moderator for Let’s Paint Tv) for this fantastic MEAT Clown Button design! Please visit TheStrangerStore to buy yours now. Half the profits will go to Byron as a special thanks for participatng in our madness. If YOU would like to design a MEAT Clown button, please get in touch with us at!
Tomorrow is a big day for us here at MEAT Clown! We are going to be filming a MEAT Clown Commercial with none other than John Kilduff of Let’s Paint TV, who is somewhat of a local celbrity here in the Los Angeles area. He’s known best for his crazy cable access show which he hosts whilst painting self portraits and walking on a treadmill. We LOVE eccentrics! We’ll also be broadcasting the taping of the commercial on his show via Stickam. It’s gonna be fantastic!
Next, of course, is this week’s MEAT Clown Commercial. We shot this vid live at Fern’s Cocktails during Don Pie’s Eggstravaganza on (some special date) with the good folks at the Rhythm Coffin, Megan McDermott (who did the voice over for our PreMother’s Day, Post Australian Labour Day Blow Out MEAT Clown Commercial) and Brittany Pendleton of Hush Hush Bang Bang. Please enjoy!

Finally, we’re pleased to announce that we’re starting a new show called the MEAT Clown Value Network which will be MEAT Clown’s answer to the Home Shopping Network. At this point we’re in the planning and development stages. Buyt we’ll be broadcasting these shows live via BlogTV. We encourage you all to call in and partipate in the madness. Here’s a little preview of Episode #1!
And that about covers it! Make sure to Subscribe to us on iTunes and look out for future episodes and broadcasts of the MEAT Clown Value Network! MEAT Clown Approved!


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