New MEAT Clown DVD coming soon…

Not really sure why but we’re gonna be putting out a new DVD soon. It’s an unauthorized MEAT Clown “collage” dedicated to anyone who ever thought MEAT Clown was “creepy”. You see, we here at TheStrangerPage have really done our best to make MEAT Clown as wholesome, family friendly, and commercially effective as possible. However, there are a few naysayers (imposters, imposers) who maintain that MEAT Clown is “evil” or “creepy”. Well, we’re just gonna show those folks just how NON-creepy MEAT Clown is but showing them how creepy MEAT Clown can be. That’s to say the DVD will not be G-Rated but will instead be more like PG, but definitely NOT for the caulrophobic.
So, in conclusion, our announcement is that coming soon is a PG Rated MEAT Clown DVD. There will only be 20 of them made. Each one HANDMADE by the worker drones of TheStrangerPage. Each one individually numbered. We hope you buy them and enjoy them. Lastly, we hope the good folks over at MEAT Clown Industries will appreciate the fine “art” we’re putting together and that they don’t sue or fire us for using their footage for our own purposes. We’ll see if they ever even find out.


About MEAT Clown Industries

MEAT Clown Brand Quality Discount MEAT Based MEAT Product Solutions is the #1 Wholesale Provider of Dicount Quality MEAT and MEAT-like MEAT Products! E-Mail: Instagrams: @MEATClown Facebook: Talk to Matt Crown
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