MEAT Clown TV!

So, it’s been close to a year since the worker drones of TheStrangerPage were “hired” by MEAT Clown Industries to do thier marketing and commercial work. It’s been a real treat! And we’re pleased to announce that they’ve taken us on for another big year! This year, in addition to the commercials, we’ll also be producing a full 30 minute TV Show every month complete with commercials, segments, theme songs, and (quite honestly) whatever the heck we please. Rest assured MEAT Clown will be pushing whatever they can into our show but we get full creative freedom. It’s quite exciting.

 So, you can expect to see a new MEAT Clown commercial every week as you have seen for the last year, and for a mere $2, you can get a digital download of our TV show from TheStrangerStore ( It’s very exciting! If you enjoy our commercials, why, you’re gonna LOVE our TV Show! We’ll also (probably) play our Episodes on our BlogTV Channel once just to thank all y’all for being such devoted fans. Let’s see what happens!


About MEAT Clown Industries

MEAT Clown Brand Quality Discount MEAT Based MEAT Product Solutions is the #1 Wholesale Provider of Dicount Quality MEAT and MEAT-like MEAT Products! E-Mail: Instagrams: @MEATClown Facebook: Talk to Matt Crown
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