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Zelda's Absurd Agonies

Hello into your skin!  Deep into your eperdimis.  Hurting you!  HELLO! 

Today, it is Thursday.  I have just watched an episode of the English apprentice, starring the extremely wrinkled Alan Sugar.  I want to fill his wrinkles with gravy, hot steaming lump-free, gravy.  I yearn to see his wrinkles blister, turn those pensioner-wrinkles into youth mounds. 

Just a warning, but I may be out of action on, for another week or two due to Zelda’s Absurd Agonies but rest assured I will be back bigger and better than ever.  With this warning in mind you may relax knowing that I have not been terrifically killed by woodlice, nor have I been abducted by the korean UFO that is all over the internet right now but is obviously just a couple of Oriental folk having a damn good laugh at the ‘believers’ expense.  Idiots.

Now, feast your delightful peepers (or peep-ara-doos) on the…

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