Busy Week For MEAT Clown Industries!

Golly! We sure have been busy. Let’s hope we can remember everything we did.

Well, we sent some MEAT Clown Representatives to guest on Bobbie and Chris Oliver’s Psychedelicatessen Podcast with Improv Coach John Fontaine. That was a real treat! Listen to the episode because it’s FUNNY!

MEAT Clown Industry reps were invited, once again, to join Ben Bubb on the Ben-A-Pod Podcast. This time we were joined by recent MEAT Clown Damon Wenker. That should be coming out soon!

The good folks over at the Emergency Broadcast System Podcast invited MEAT Clown Industry reps to join them and Bobbie Oliver to hang out and chat about our various MEAT Clown Brand MEAT Products.

We did our first LIVE appearance at the Beauty Is Pain venue in Silverlake and found several new friends and a couple of great MEAT Clowns taken right out of the audience. That was a very fun time. We hope to be doing more of these types of “events” in the future.

We had a very successful Massive MEAT Blow-out in which our t-shirts were only $5 for one night only. Supply and demand, friends! Congrats to the thralls of you who were smart enough to take advantage of our crazy sale! Visit TheStrangerStore often to check out our ever evolving list of MEAT Clown Brand Products!

Goodness, what else?

We filmed (and have yet to edit) a MEAT Clown Commercial for the good folks at Medium Rare Chef Apparel Inc. It’s gonna be dyno-mite! We’ve put commercials for Dave’s Chillin’ and Grillin’, as well as commercials for Booth 31 into some of our MEAT Clown vids, but this will be our first “Corporate Sponsor” which is causing quite a stir among the drones in the MEAT Factory.

Tomorrow we’re gonna release Donovan Lyman’s MEAT Clown Commercial. It’s REALLY REALLY funny and Mr. Lyman is a super cool, crazy talented dude! You can also check out his band at: http://www.facebook.com/BlueMeridian

We shot a MEAT Clown Commercial with the lovely and talented Jim Teater, who was just a joy to have around MEAT Clown Studios East. He taught us about some of the more “underground” scenes in our area and gave us a solid, hilarious performance.

Shoot. Guess that’s it. More details as we get ’em. For more up-to-date info, “like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ElStrangerPage (today we cleared the 200 “Like” mark)and for up-to-the-second info, follow us on Twitter at @TheStrangerPage.

We have A WHOLE LOT of editing to do. Whew! Stay Strange, folks!


About MEAT Clown Industries

MEAT Clown Brand Quality Discount MEAT Based MEAT Product Solutions is the #1 Wholesale Provider of Dicount Quality MEAT and MEAT-like MEAT Products! E-Mail: MEATClownButtons@hotmail.com Instagrams: @MEATClown Facebook: Talk to Matt Crown
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