This is why is MEAT Clown Approved!

Zelda's Absurd Agonies

Sitting in my hot windmill/lighthouse the other night and I became aware of so many things.  My hands for one thing, my foot for another.  Amazing when you really spend the time just focussing on these seemingly useless appendages.  They actually have a purpose.  Both are totally dependant on our brain’s instructions, yet both are much more useful than a brain.  Can a brain lift some cat shit?  Can a brain smell of foot?  No.

I was in my element for up to six hours when I decided to cruise the net looking at dating sites, flavoured syrups, crystals and meat.  It was then, in the middle of some meat research that I happened upon MEAT clown.  I know.  A combination of two of the greatest words ever belched out by St God himself.  Say it with me brothers and sisters “Meat…. Clown!!!”

We all like meat, all of us. …

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