Identity Crisis

We here at are rather confused about what the hell we’re doing. We’re doing a whole lot of work, but on what? There hasn’t been a lot of paintings churned out of our factory lately. (Not that they were ever any good.) We’re figuring out the silkscreen thing but it’s a long journey before we can make any money or do anything impressive with it. We just did a whole DVD of weirdo shit, so we may be a production company. A production/merchandise company. Our¬†Charismatic Leader has, by several people, been called a “conceptual artist” but what in the Sam Hill is that?! Our studies have shown it has something to do with urinals. This whole “art” thing is very much a mystery. How are we to feed the drones?

This blog is going nowhere fast.

Buy some stuff. Buy a DVD. We worked very hard on it. And it’s fucking cool. Interesting “concepts”. And we’d like everyone to be involved to get something out of it too. Don’t know if you, dear readers, caught the “Horrible DVD”. It was good. But this one is awesome! And we had about 20 different people involved. Bands, voice over guys, actors, artists, and animators. It’s been exciting. But we here at TheStrangerPage don’t really know where to go from here. How do you make money from something like this? It’s definitely not mainstream. It was made mostly for fun. It should be consumed mostly for fun as well…

I’m rambling. The Charismatic Leader is gonne fire me for this… I apoligize, oh exhalted one.


About MEAT Clown Industries

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