The Next Morning

Yes, again. There they were. For the first time ever, they came out in broad daylight. It’s morning here and they were out on my lawn making a ruckus. Some sort of small spacecraft that had a loud humm kept wizzing by my window. I tried hard to ignore it because I knew they wouldn’t DO anything at this hour and they had kept me up all night. So I was sleepy. Still very sleepy.  At this hour, people are going to their jobs. It’s scary to think that they feel comfortable with doing all this when they run such a high risk of being seen.  Lord only knows what’s gonna happen next. There should be a group of vigilante alien killers because you know what happens when you go to the government to complain about space aliens. You’re either locked away in the looney bin for life or they find ways to make you disappear. I don’t want any of this. I just want them to quit bugging me. Damned dirty aliens. That would make a good comic book. Vigilante alien hunters picking up where the government leaves off. Patrolling terra firma and ruling with street justice.


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