Mr. Schmoogums Angers Me

I hate Mr. Schmoogums. Honestly, the irony of having cute things doing ugly things has been boring for a long time. Mr. Schmoogums is an attempt to capitalize on that trend but without really putting in any effort. This was crapped out in about 15 minutes. And boy is he adorable! I hate art. I REALLY hate Mr. Schmoogums.

UPDATE: I nailed Mr. Schmoogums to a pole on the southwest corner of York and 50th Street in Highland Park. I believe it was him that caused the terrible weather last night (March 7th), messing up The Airliner show and bumming me out. Feel free to go there and take a gander. OR you may liberate him from the pole. But if you do that, make sure to take him to El Brujo Extrano for a special cleansing ceremony. For Mr. Schmoogums is pure evil.


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