Hooray! It’s Fun-Time!

We’re just as pleased as punch to bring you this startling and wonderful news! Remember the Ape Man that escaped from the freak show and took a job as a security gaurd at The Airliner Club? Well, he’s been locked away in a top secret facility where he’ll undergo a horrific series of agonizing medical experiments. (Please refer to THIS story to find out what I’m talking about.)Which, of course, means the good folks of TheStrangerPage.com are gonna go back to the Airliner to fullfill their destiny of sitting awkwardly on an empty stage while strangers avoid eye contact. It’s gonna be AWESOME! But if YOU’RE reading this, it means you like us and you wanna be there. So BE THERE tomorrow night maybe around 8 or 9! You can listen to some tunes and shower my respresentative with praise. (He DOESN’T know who I really am. I pay him.) It’s gonna be a super happy laugh RIOT!


About MEAT Clown Industries

MEAT Clown Brand Quality Discount MEAT Based MEAT Product Solutions is the #1 Wholesale Provider of Dicount Quality MEAT and MEAT-like MEAT Products! E-Mail: MEATClownButtons@hotmail.com Instagrams: @MEATClown Facebook: Talk to Matt Crown
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