Images From My Hard Drive

This is a collection of StrangerPage stuff that was previously deemed “unworthy”. Now it doesn’t matter and we’re gonna show it.

 This is from a comic book that never got finished because it was stupid. There IS  a full rough draft but that’s embarassing. Seriously.

This next thing is the “packaging” for our buttons. Once in a while I scrape up enough change to get buttons made. I was gonna sell them. Now I plan to give them away to any of you poor fools who’re kind enough to take them.

These next things are the stencils we used for our “Horrible DVD”.


 This next thing took me weeks to do and could be labeled under “Stuff I Was Doing When I Should’ve Been Working”.

That’s it for now. Keep checking back. We’re gonna post more. Just not right now. TheStrangerPage basement has flooded and it’s starting so smell bad. REAL bad. Must be all the corpses.


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