Thoughts On Free Art… Pay Me In Puppets…

Well, the paintings are gone. The walls are clear. Time to start again. The falling out we had with The Airliner did wonders on our collective psyche. It’s amazing the impact one asshole bouncer can make. Admittedly, we got a little ahead of ourselves. Anyone who’s familiar with “the arts” knows that you have to work hard for a very long time for free before you can really get anywhere at all. If you’re an actor, for example, you have to take any role you can for no pay to hone your craft and to gain recognition. In the art world, someone can shit onto a canvas and call it art. So why not us, right? Should be easy… Guess not.

 But this isn’t a bad thing. The days of being bummed, pissed off, and unmotivated are over. You see. We’re already at the bottom of this thing so it doesn’t really matter what we do. It really doesn’t matter if I write some stupid, rambling crap and post it. Nobody’s really reading it anyway. Tyler Durden said stuff about this very situation. But who cares. I like pie.

 So. I’m just gonna keep doing my stupid little projects. And you non-existent readers/followers are just gonna keep ignoring me. And that’s totally cool. The pic below is what I did tonight. (Click on it for high resolution. 400 DPI. Download and duplicate it if you like. I wanna see my swill in public.) I put it on Craigslist as soon as I finished. If any of you figments of my ego want one of these things, you better get in touch. Maybe one day you can offer me something for it. I like puppets. The creepier the better. Yeah! Pay me in puppets! 


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