Slump. Artistic Slump.

Hooray everyone! Let’s all celebrate Slump! This is a time when the magical art/productivity fairies come and sap the life out of ya! You have to leave a bowl of jelly next to your front door for weeks before they’ll come and grant you the power to overcome their wicked curse. By the time it rots your brain will be spicy again. SPICY!

 Here at, our brains have lost their spicy flavor. For now we’ve pulled them out of our heads and stuck them on the underside of the table.

 That’s not to say we haven’t done anything. Check this out!

Anyone who’s familiar with our “Horrible DVD” will recognise this. This picture was taken as it played in the big screen of the Royal T Cafe in Culver City during a Thelonious Dub show. Why anyone would let us do that is beyond us. That place is, like, a legit gallery….

Anyway, speaking of other weird stuff we’ll be getting away with: There are rumors around halls that our “unique” brand of “video art” will disgrace the screens of the famous Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Don’t know why. Don’t know how. Don’t even know how accurate that is. But this also is, like, a legit theater. It hurts my brain to think of it.

 So anyway, enjoy your Day Of The Slump. And keep watching the skies. And buy a “Horrible DVD” It has secret messages in it. If you can figure out what they are, you’ll know the meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything. 42.


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