Stuff To Look Forward To

The worker drones here at are about waist deep in music video production. Look forward to new videos for Thelonious Dub (, Star Align, (, and of course, Devon Tait & The Traitors ( Also, for all you stoney Pink Floyd Fans, Thelonious Dub is gonna be doing a few nights where they cover Dub Side of The Moon IN IT’S ENTIRETY. Why do I mention this? Well, because the hired goons of are gonna be providing the projector show. And anyone who has seen our Horrible DVD knows that that is most certainly going to be prime freak out material. Here’s the flyer for the events:


Let’s see. What else? Well, our very own personal psychic will be taking a trip up north to visit the famed Winchester House. El Brujo Extrano claims he has contact with some very influential spirits that can help the artists of to succeed in their goals. (World Domination).

 Which brings us to your next assignment. Please print up as many copies as you can of the below image and spread it all over town. El Brujo Extrano needs to get his chops up before he hits the road. (Plus we’d like to get some good recordings to put up on this site.)

Well, that’s about it for now, folks. We promise that if you take care of your homework, we’ll have plenty of good mp3’s for the site. It’ll be HILARIOUS!


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